2. All rates are fully inclusive of N.I. Contributions and all other costs except VAT.
  3. If payment terms are not strictly adhered to the full amount invoiced becomes due payable forthwith and we reserve the right to withdraw our Labour without notice.
  4. In compliance with prevailing government legislation, the Hirer agrees to reimburse Pendle Personnel for any payments made to workers in respect of holidays, SSP or Maternity.
  5. The Hirer will interview the worker/s with a view to assessing his/her ability for carrying out the work involved. The Hirer shall notify this company within four hours of a worker commencing employment in the event of such worker proving unsatisfactory. Any worker booked and reporting for work and not being required will be charged at the minimum 4 hours.
  6. Pendle Personnel Ltd unreservedly applies this condition: - If any worker becomes recruited from Pendle Personnel Ltd payroll to client payroll under any circumstances whatsoever or works for the client through any other agency or organisation, all within 6 months of introduction, a fee of £2500 + VAT becomes payable. The worker must continue to be paid by Pendle Personnel until the fee is paid.
  7. One full working week’s notice must be given to Pendle Personnel Ltd, in writing or by fax before any Temp to Perm arrangement can take place or Clause 6 will be invoked.
  8. Whilst every effort is made by Pendle Personnel to give satisfaction to the Hirer by ensuring reasonable standards of skills, integrity and reliability from workers and further to provide them in accordance with booking details, no liability will be accepted by Pendle Personnel for loss, expense, damage or delay arising from any failure to provide any particular Temporary Worker for all or part of the period of the booking or from negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or lack of skill of the Temporary Workers whose work is the Hirer’s sole responsibility.
  9. All workers supplied are under the Hirer’s control and supervision and the Hirer is responsible for adequately insuring all workers supplied against all EMPLOYERS liability and THIRD PARTY risks arising during the period of hire.
  10. The Hirer accepts responsibility under the various provisions in that regard contained in the Health and Safety Act of 1974 and will ensure that the employment of the worker will not contravene any duty or instruction imposed by law.
  11. Temporary workers engaged by Pendle Personnel under contracts for services are deemed to be under the direction and the control of the Hirer from the time the worker reports to take up duties and for the duration of the assignment and the Hirer agrees to be responsible for all acts errors and omissions by their wilful negligence or otherwise as though the workers were on the payroll of the Hirer.
  12. The items of the document supersede and replace all previous notifications of terms.
  13. All contracts are deemed to be raised at Pendle Personnel Limited, The Malt Kiln, Gisburn Road, Higherford, Lancs. BB9 6AJ.
  14. The Company is not eligible for any deductions from invoices e.g. (C.I.T.B., Retention, V.A.T., discount) unless authorised prior to hiring temporary workers. No credits will be entertained unless notified within 24 hours of receipt of invoice, in writing or by fax.
  15. The Company is not a subcontractor and as such cannot be bound by any subcontract agreements.
  16. That the CLIENT shall indemnify Pendle Personnel and/or its officers, agents and employees in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever (including any costs and any necessary payments made in order to settle or compromise any claim) which it or they may suffer or incur directly or indirectly from any breach of these conditions by the Hirer’s agent or by any other party acting through or with the Hirer.
  17. Any recovery action necessary will attract a 10% fee.
  18. All terms and conditions of this contract are subject to English Law. The Hirer accepts these conditions immediately a worker commences.
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